2020 FRC Kickoff Day

Are you a fan of intergalactic robots battling it out in space? We are!

Raptacon kicked off our FRC build season at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. While a portion of our team was representing in green, our veterans were back at the school hashing out strategies.

Regrouping after an excellent lunch provided by our great parental support system, talks were underway to design a robot that can shoot, aim, and climb. Not a small task when a rule book full of constraints are looming.

Find out more about this year’s competition here.

Analyzing past build features and contemplating game play strategies, we broke into two groups to tackle a few of our first priorities. Some ideas made it into further consideration, while others have been filed on our virtual storage shelves for later.

Throw in a few more Monty Python and the Holy Grail jokes with an occasional R2-D2 sound effect, and this is going to be a great build season.

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