Go green and save your members’ time by holding your elections online!

For as little as $320 – or even $100 – you can hold your election securely and conveniently on our Web site.

Available with each election:

  • Easy flexibility for single-issue or multi-delegate races
  • Preview ballot for organizers
  • Easy to include voter info and/or candidate statements
  • Write-in option when requested by organization
  • Ballot order randomization option to avoid bias due to candidate position
  • Confirmation page with before each vote is submitted
  • Confidential verification code provided upon submission
  • Candidate pictures also can be added to ballot ($60 base fee)

Take a look at our sample ballot to see!

Note from the designer: I developed this site to help organizations run elections more quickly, easily, and reliably. I have served as an election officer in my own union, and I know how inefficient the process can be. I look forward to helping your association streamline its processes and free up members’ time.

–Corey Kesler
Vector Consulting LLC